One Finger Cannot Pick a Stone

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Bugum, The Fire Festival of Prophet
Iddrisu Abukari
Tohazie, The Grandfather of Dagbon K
Mr Glass
Gundo Naa, The Granddaughter of Kach
Gundonaa Samata Abudu
God is Everywhere
Shahadu Aliu with Issah Amina
A Patient Person Gets to Occupy …
Alhassan Ilham
Who Sees His Own ?
Kunkomlana Abdulai Yakubu
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Who Sees His Own ?

Traditional chieftaincy is experiencing great turmoil since the independence of Ghana in 1957. Together with democracy came politics, power and greed. With their large base of loyal subjects, chiefs yield significant grassroots power and the 2 main political parties, the NPP and the NDC, are setting alliances in order to seek votes. The chiefs interviewed for this project have all said that the Dagomba are gradually loosing their soul.